Army Admin Clerk to Entrepreneur: 10 Things I Do Differently Now

6 years ago, I was an admin clerk in an army camp.

To be honest, it could have been a great job but I landed with the wrong Company Sergeant Major: I stayed in-camp while watching my clerk friends go home every day. In case you are wondering, the computer was not connected to any internet and my only luxury was a “dumb” Nokia phone. I made a total of $500 each month. That life, for 2 years.

Somehow, I managed to save $10,000 while moonlighting on the weekend. I used that money and backpacked around the world for a year. It changed my life. (I highly recommend everyone to do that once in their life.)

After coming home, I took my interest in wedding planning and started a studio, Beautiful Gatherings. One thing led to another, I became one of the top 10 wedding planners in Singapore and now, I run a 2D animation studio, Sage Animation.

I thought an appropriate end of this chapter would be to share 10 lessons I learned along this journey (More on the chapter ending next.)

Stop Growing my Business

I once interviewed a hospitality mogul. After the interview, he said to me: “Bryan, I’m so jealous of you. You can just take off anytime and travel anywhere”.

He felt trapped by the business of his own making.

I had to reflect: “What the most important point of the business?”

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Building a Million-Dollar Design Agency, Daniel Lim

“It is not a failure if there are lessons to be learnt from it.”
– Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim is an entrepreneur and business coach.

His coaching and training practice aims to help people to redefine success, build businesses and do work which is aligned with their values and purpose.

Daniel’s former design studio, Studio MDS work with clients such as Capella Hotels, Singapore Flyer and National Heritage Board.

In 2017, he designed and ran a retreat called #howtohuman for DesignSingapore Council.

In this conversation, we spoke about

  • The story of Daniel’s burnout
  • Toxic behaviour in the workplace
  • Characteristics of people that who should not be an entrepreneur
  • and much more!

If you’ve only got 2 minutes, here’s a short video on (How to Let Your Passion Make Money for You):




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The 25 Year-Old Kid that Took the AI World by Storm, Annabelle Kwok

Annabelle Kwok, 25 is the founder of NeuralBay, an Artificial Intelligence company that specialises in vision analytics.

She consults for companies on A.I. driven solutions and was previously the founding CEO of SmartCow.

At 20, she travelled alone for 6 weeks in Togo, West Africa. She has witnessed people fainting from malaria, got robbed at knife-point, and balanced buckets of water on her head.

At 22, she met U.S. President Barack Obama under a youth programme representing Singapore.

Annabelle is a black-belt in Taekwondo, a licensed windsurfer, and an avid runner.

In this conversation, we spoke about

  • Why did Annabelle join the 10-day silent retreat, twice
  • Why she decided to run a marathon in North Korea
  • Her experiences travelling alone in Togo, West Africa
  • and much more!

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.



In 2018, I am getting my health in order. I have already lost 5kg in one month. If you have similar goals, and tried a bunch of diet and regime that didn’t help. I want to work with you. I have enough time for 3 people at the moment to help achieve their health goals. The session would be free of charge, as I learning and testing things out.

I also ask that you only sign up if you are really ready to make some changes. I will motivate you and keep you accountable, but you’ll get the most out of my time if we can spend the bulk of our time analysing what you’ve done and implementing changes.

If you are interested, please email me a little introduction of yourself and your goals. Amongst potential candidate who I think we are a good fit, I’ll accept people first come first serve. Get in touch by emailing to ask [at] 

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Gratitude 2018

It’s easy to forget about things to be grateful. I used to go on a morning walk, like an old man, and go through a list that I’m grateful about in my life. Life goes on and I forgot all about it.

Last week, I met with my primary school teacher, Mr Au. Over the years, he had a couple of bad accidents. He is now in the midst of recovering from a surgery. He mentioned that every time that he moves his arms – pins and needles will be sent down his entire arm.

I asked him: “How do you feel now?”. He answered: “Much better”.

I replied: “Well, that’s great!”. He responded: “but I still feeling a little pain and I have to stretch every now and then”.

I noticed how he kept focusing on the pain. Why isn’t he happy with his progress? Wouldn’t he be healed with time?

It got me thinking that it is easy to forget about the good things that happened. My health, my relationship, having no debt, air to breath and so much more.

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Dreams and Reality

I had an idea to live and work in a van.

I imagined all the nature that I would enjoy.

I gave my wedding studio away and spent the year building Sage Animation so that I can work from anywhere in the world.

In Oct, I flew to Las Vegas and bought a cargo van. I spent the next month building my own travelling home.

Randy lent me his tools. I found Nick and Alisa, who had just finished converting their van and they gave me great advice.

Every day, I tell myself: “I can’t wait to finish this and finally be able to live my dreams.”

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