Misfits is a collection of interviews from a band of renegades who are gently shaking the society through the work they do. These are stories from a Nominated Member of Parliament and author who consults for the Kingdom of Bhutan, a Time Magazine social entrepreneur of the year whose work is acknowledged in the UN calendar, and the mentor behind a 13 year old TEDx speaker; to name a few.

These interviews are an unedited and unscripted look into the world of these amazing and talented individuals on this sunny island.

Join us in our pursuit of redefining success, breaking down social norms and changing the world. My job is to hunt down the outliers to give you role models to reach out to and success stories to follow so you can become part of this movement no matter where you live, what you’re curious in, or what you’re currently challenged by.

About Bryan Victor

I’m a beatboxer,  bedroom chef, idealist and student - though not in that order.

I built a little free library outside my house.

I’ve tried many jobs. I have been a tour guide, beatboxer, wedding planner, emcee, sound technician, photographer, telemarketer, waiter, videographer and event coordinator. I'm a generalist.

I’m fascinated with the psychology behind self-improvement, business, philosophy, and social dynamics. I love finding a different point of view.

I have not been to university and instead choose to learn from books and people.

Singaporean. I live in a big house built by my grandfather.

Deeply positive and anti-drama.

Now, I am building an animation studio that create 2D explainer videos. I am in the midst of finding someone to give away my wedding planning business.