A different way of getting groceries

Imagine a market with local seasonal produces. Organically grown & raised without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics or GMOs.

Imagine getting to know the people that make and grow your food. Their process, their promise and what they stand for.

Imagine a company ran by people that care about the betterment of your eating first, profits second.

Imagine earth-friendly practices and packaging. Simple and clear labels. A sustainability report done every other year.

Imagine paying for your groceries with what you already today, the regular price.

10 paying customers with 3 months of subscriptions/commitment
10 type of produces (preferably the most profitable, delightful and delicious ones)
10 delighted customer telling 10 of their friends
This is how you build a new future.

It’s possible. We are waiting for someone to get started, and it might be you.

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