The 60 Year Old Woman who Travelled the World, Betty Lee


At the young age of 60 years old, Betty Lee packed her bag, sealed away her belongings and embarked on the next chapter of her life – travelling solo for the next 400 days of her life!

Betty Lee is one of the oldest (youngest at heart) travellers that I’ve met during my travels. To be honest, I did not know she was 60 years old when we first met in Peru. It felt that we were just the same age with different life experiences. We shared some of our Peru adventures in the interview.


If you’ve only got 2 minutes, here’s a short video on (Self Defence Advice for Solo Female Travellers).



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The Contender for Mount Everest, Jeremy Tong


“You have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable” ~ Jeremy Tong

Jeremy Tong is a traveller, adventurer and mountaineer. He has conquered many mountains throughout his 12 years of climbing. Some of these mountains include Mera Peak in Nepal, Aconcagua in Argentina and Lenin peak at Kyrgyzstan.

He currently plotting his way to the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest next year. You can help him with his adventure by contributing here.

Even $20 will be $20 less that he’ll have to raise.

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