I’m Bryan Victor from Singapore.

When I was an army clerk, I spent a lot of time staring into mid-space thinking about how I should live my life. 

In 2017, I became the top 10 Wedding Planner in Singapore and planned a half million-dollar wedding. I felt like I wanted to do more. So, I gifted away my wedding studio (for free).

In 2 years, I built a 2D animation studio which allows me to work remotely. We’ve made animations for DHL, Epson and Scoot.

These days, I host a podcast and YouTube channel where I interview and learn from Misfits. Some videos have more than 150K views and 2K shares. Interviewees range from an Afghan war veteran, 60 years-old solo woman traveler to a Time magazine social entrepreneur.

In the past, I was also a beatboxer. I’ve performed for Mini Cooper, Puma and countless parties

I’ve been lucky to spend a year travelling alone and it changed my life. Some of my favourite places include Hualien, Kobuchizawa, New Orleans, and Mexico City. You can read more of my writings here.


Sage Animation: Remote 2D animation studio (2nd year) 

Van conversion: Ford Econoline into a camping van (sold)

Beautiful Gatherings: top 10 wedding design studio in Singapore (gifted to Wan Qi)

Little Free Library:  public library for the neighbourhood  (4 years and standing) 

Dinner at 335: collaborative supper club (retired after co-founder got a baby)

Wander: indie map of Chinatown, Singapore (failed)

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