‘O’ Level Dropout to Stand-up Comedian, Fakkah Fuzz


Fakkah Fuzz is undoubtedly one of the funniest man in Singapore. I first saw him years ago in a Freestyle Rap Battle where he was “EminemRoasting” the opposing rappers. I was cheering for him. In fact, this episode need to be release 3 months later because one of his YouTube video has offended the Malaysian politician activist group.

Fuzz, unlike many of us, he DID not do well in school in Malacca. After coming back to Singapore, he took whatever jobs that were available. If the job called for him to be a security guard or a waiter, he took it. Fast forward, he nailed it at his very own one-hour comedy special – “In Fuzz We Trust” at the Singapore Comedy Fringe 2016. If you are ready to laugh your sock off, check out the YouTube ( 1, 2) highlight.

If you’ve only got 5 minutes, here’s a short video on (Fakkah Fuzz’s tips on how to get on with life even after failing O levels)




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The Man Who Raise a 13 year old TEDx Speaker, Calvin Soh

Calvin Soh.002

“Every stage in your career, you keep pushing yourself to be a little bit more uncomfortable. What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t make it in.. You can come back”.  – Calvin Soh

Calvin Soh entered the advertising industry with no certificate and left as the Vice Chairman, chief creative officer Asia for Publics Asia (which owned Saatchi and Fallon). The reason is to spend time with his children, Dylan and Ava. In the span of 5 years, Dylan has spoken in 2 TEDx talks, co-authored a book, successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign (GIY stick) and has written a 2,000 word essay for Esquire magazine.

We dive into the world of advertising, being a 21st century parent and beyond. Enjoy!

If you have only got 2 mins to spare, here’s a short snippet of the interview.

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Owner and Barman of Spiffy Dapper, George Cherian Abhishek


“Even if it’s not your fault, f* take responsibility, own the problem, solve the problem…” – George Cherian Abhishek.

George Cherian Abhishek is the owner of the WORST bar in Singapore, Spiffy Dapper. But make no mistake, it is the worst bar that is PROFITABLE. George came from India to Singapore at the age of 16. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Polytechnic. In the twist and turn of events, he ended up homeless, sleeping in the playground of Bishan.

If you have 5 minutes, check out George’s 10 Lessons at 29.

If you have only got 2 mins to spare, check out a short snippet of George’s interview.


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Dr Loretta Chen, The Consultant to the Kingdom of Bhutan


Dr Loretta Chen must have the widest range of life experiences of anyone I have ever met.

You might know Loretta as a consultant to Bhutan or the director of thought-provoking theatre productions but all that is just a tiny facet of her life story.

You will find out that in her book, Woman on Top, that she had gone through numerous public victories and personal losses. Some of these highlights include:

– Wearing numerous hats as a theatre director, television presenter, radio personality, author and creative director
– Holding a PhD in Critical Theory, Theatre (UCLA & NUS)
– Being the first nominated Nominated Member of Parliament (Arts & Culture)
– Coaching and training top CEOs and Head of States on presentation skills
– Witnessing two suicides when she was merely 24 years old
– Losing $250,000 in her first production company, Zebra Crossing
– Having lived in Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Honolulu.

If you’re in a rush and just want a 4-minute quick peek, just click here.

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The 60 Year Old Woman who Travelled the World, Betty Lee


At the young age of 60 years old, Betty Lee packed her bag, sealed away her belongings and embarked on the next chapter of her life – travelling solo for the next 400 days of her life!

Betty Lee is one of the oldest (youngest at heart) travellers that I’ve met during my travels. To be honest, I did not know she was 60 years old when we first met in Peru. It felt that we were just the same age with different life experiences. We shared some of our Peru adventures in the interview.


If you’ve only got 2 minutes, here’s a short video on (Self Defence Advice for Solo Female Travellers).



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