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Hi. I’m Bryan Victor. I’m a generalist, and I do projects.

In 2017, I planned a million dollar wedding and became the top 10 Wedding Planner in Singapore. I feel that I was still young and could do more. I made an announcement and gave away my wedding studio (for free).

In 2 years, I build Sage Animation which allow me to work from anywhere in the world. I’ve made video for Scoot, UOB, and DuPont.

I host a podcast and YouTube channel where I interview and learn from Misfits. I believe that knowledge lies on the edges.

I’ve been lucky to spent a year traveling alone and it changed my life. Some of my favourite places includes Hualien, Kobuchizawa, Mexico City, New Orleans, and Sucre, Bolivia. You can learn more about me or read my writings here.


  • Hellagood: 
  • Little Free Library
  • Dinner at 335
  • Campervan Conversion
  • Wander: Indie Map (failed)
  • Beautiful Gatherings
  • Sage Animation