The journey of vulnerability

We have seen celebrities like Ellen and many other coming out, gathering millions of fans in the process. 

Our culture has benefited from the courage of people such as Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela.  

Yet, we are at the dark corner wrestling if we should tell our loved one the truth. Creating multiple threads in our mind, to make sure that we don’t hurt them, and in turn, hurt ourselves. 

Why is vulnerability so difficult, yet so useful?

Because the best kind of vulnerability takes work. The work to accept yourself with all your truth. The work to find and cultivate a tiny group of fellow travellers. The work to earn the privilege to share your story, in a way, that others can relate. The work to see the fear of others, and in return, be seen. 

So no, being vulnerable to your parents (in one sitting) is not a good idea. Sharing your truth that might get you hurt is not either.

There is a stepping stone to being vulnerable. There are skills to learn, trust to build, and courage to gather. You rush it and you’ll slip. 

  • Non-violent communication
  • Telling your story
  • Conflict resolution and issue identification 
  • Giving and asking feedback

Slowly but surely. It begins with accepting that this takes work. And it might be worth it. 

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