Misfits: Wisdoms from Unconventional Individuals

Bryan Victor

This is the podcast where I speak to the renegades, the trouble makers, and mavericks. A unedited look into the world of these amazing individuals. Join in my pursuit of redefining success, breaking down social norms and bending of the culture. From Singapore to all over the world. 


Nate Green

Making Celebrity Friends, Monk Mode and Marketing Deep Dive


Adventures and Advice From A Former World Class Pick-up Artist

Nina Barber

The Becoming of a 27 Year Old CEO Coach & Matchmaker

Dr Stephen Snyder

How to Have Great Sex in a Long-Term Relationship

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers on Tinder Dating Strategies, Finding Purpose and the Art of Singapore

Ali Abdaal

The 25 Year Old Doctor that Amassed a 500K YouTube Following


Michelle Florendo

The Decision Coach from the Inaugural Team of Seth Godin’s altMBA

Steph Smith

Remote Work, Learning to Code & Happiness

Khailee Ng

Conversation about Necker Island, Marriage and the Gig Economy

Alvin Poh

The 34-Year-Old Vodien Internet Millionaire Who Sold Everything Away


JR Hinds

Conference Hacking, Self-Awareness and Personal System 

Michelle Jones

The Magician Behind the Higher Education Revolution

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