The process of coaching involves questions and trust.

I’ve helped people figure out:

– who they are

– what’s missing

– their next job

– their life’s work

– what business to start

– how to grow their business

– how to close their business and move on

– how to get in shape 

– what’s next

As for my ingredients, 

I combine years of running businesses (left brain), 

a love for the arts (right brain), and 

wisdom of all my interview guests. 

These session are free. 

Partly because I get joy helping people, 

partly because it aligns incentive, and partly because of Matt Mochary. 

The format is a 60mins call. We usually come with a one issue to figure out, that would set the anchor. I will ask questions surrounding the issue. Once we agree on the root cause, we will discuss possible solutions. Then we will make a plan together. The method is slow and steady, but permanent. 

When you’re ready, email me with your background and the problem you want to work on. 

I only have time now for one person a month, I hope that’ll be you. 

Magic happens when you reach out.