Hi. I’m Bryan from Singapore. 

When I was an army clerk, I had a lot of time to think about how to live my life.

I’ve tried many jobs. I have been a tour guide, DJ, emcee, sound technician, photographer, telemarketer, waiter, videographer and event coordinator. I even beatboxed in countless parties

In 2017, I planned a half million-dollar wedding and became one of the top 10 Wedding Planners in Singapore. I felt like I wanted to do more. So, I gifted away my wedding studio (for free).

In 2 years, I built a 2D animation studio which allows me to work remotely. We’ve made animations for DHL, Epson and Scoot.

I have a podcast and YouTube channel where I interview and learn from Misfits. Some videos have more than 150K views and 2K shares. Interviewees range from an Afghan war veteran, 60 years-old solo woman traveler to a Time magazine social entrepreneur.

I’ve been lucky to spend a year travelling alone and it changed my life. Some of my favourite places include Hualien, Kobuchizawa, New Orleans, and Mexico City. You can read more of my writings here.

I host documentary screenings and dinner parties.

Want to come? Get in touch:

  • Patience should not be a virtue. Being smart and impatiently persisting at something should. 
  • Happiness is a skill we develop and a choice we make. It’s just like learning calculus. It’s just like losing weight. You decide that it is important to you. You prioritise above everything else. You read everything on the topic, and then you work at it. 
  • Most people don’t know themselves. Not because they are lying but because we can’t see the labels from inside the jar. 
  • The modern problems are about abundance, not scarcity.

I’m expanding my social circle, looking for like-minded people. 

I’m attending family therapy and working on the relationship with my parents.

I’m pondering on the Hamming question —“what are the most important problems in your field, and why aren’t you working on them?”  

Updated Sept 29th, 2020, from Singapore.

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