Mending broken promises [script]

No one can keep every promise they make. And what do you do when we’ve broken a promise? Do you say sorry and move on?

Consider this: “Shane, before we get going, I want to cover that I’m out of integrity with you. I made an agreement to be on the call at 8:00, and I wasn’t there. So I want to take responsibility for that, and I want to see if there is anything I can do to clean that up with you?”

How would you feel if someone starts a conversation with that? Would you trust him or her more?

Notice in doing that, you’re not making excuses or justifying. You’re not explaining. You’re just taking responsibility. And that act of taking responsibility is the commodity of trust.

Don’t fall into the trap of rushing the apology when it is about the trust and reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build.

[HT Jim Dethmer]

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