When is the last time you updated your identity?

How long did it take you to create your LinkedIn profile?

“This is how I look. This is how I can be useful. These are the topics I like.”

But that’s not entirely true, is it?

We grow into a career, titles and the stories we tell ourselves.

And so we fall into a trap. We believe this is who we are. We are fixed.

In the face of a disruption, we are blind to opportunities because it doesn’t resonate with the person we are in the moment.

One way to define our identity is as someone who is fixed. Another is to violently refuse any labelling because deep down, we know that we are flexible. We contain multitudes.

The online profile that says who we are, it’s simply shorthand for others to know how we might be useful at this moment.

And when we decide to change how we want to show up, we simply update our profile.

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