The Couple that Built JobsCentral and Cashed Out, Lim Der Shing and Huang Shao-Ning

Lim Der Shing is currently a private investor, Venture Advisor with Jungle Seedplus and board member with several organizations. Huang Shao-Ning is the Managing Partner of Hub Ventures Fund and a Partner at Entrepreneur First, the world’s leading company builder.

Together, they are the co-founders of JobsCentral Group and manage a regional portfolio of over 17 angel investments in startups.

JobsCentral grew from a 2-man startup into an organization with 150 employees over a period of 14 years.  In 2011, JobsCentral was acquired by CareerBuilder, making it one of Singapore’s largest tech exits at the time.

They did all of that while raising a family of 4 kids.

In this conversation, we spoke about

  • How to discern good advice from noise
  • Strategies for hiring and managing talents
  • Effective communication between a couple
  • and much more!

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!



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Show Notes

Huang Shao-Ning shares about her childhood [01:04]
Lim Der Shing shares about his childhood [04:18]
How did Der Shing and Shao-Ning end up at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor [08:17]
How did Der Shing first meet Shao Ning? [12:10]
Shao-Ning and Der Shing shares views about taking advice from the elderly [17:14]
How do Der Shing and Shao Ning discern good advice from noise? [26:01]
Why did Shao-Ning and Der Shing quit their jobs to start JobsCentral? [37:10]
What are the different stages of JobsCentral’s growth? [46:13]
Shao Ning and Der Shing shares insights on hiring [51:52]
How do you develop a “bullshit” meter for sussing out candidates? [56:12]
How do Shao Ning and Der Shing define and view entrepreneurship? [59:14]
What did Shao Ning learn from Der Shing? [01:06:23]

Links Mentioned

Connect with Lim Der Shing and Huang Shao-Ning:
Website (Der Shing) | LinkedIn (Shao-Ning)

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