Building a Million-Dollar Design Agency, Daniel Lim

“It is not a failure if there are lessons to be learnt from it.”
– Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim is an entrepreneur and business coach.

His coaching and training practice aims to help people to redefine success, build businesses and do work which is aligned with their values and purpose.

Daniel’s former design studio, Studio MDS work with clients such as Capella Hotels, Singapore Flyer and National Heritage Board.

In 2017, he designed and ran a retreat called #howtohuman for DesignSingapore Council.

In this conversation, we spoke about

  • The story of Daniel’s burnout
  • Toxic behaviour in the workplace
  • Characteristics of people that who should not be an entrepreneur
  • and much more!

If you’ve only got 2 minutes, here’s a short video on (How to Let Your Passion Make Money for You):




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Show Notes

How does Daniel answer the question of “What do you do?” [00:53]
Daniel Lim on his childhood growing up [11:20]
Daniel Lim on his first entrepreneur journey [32:33]
Daniel Lim shares characteristics of bad clients [53:27]
How did Magic Mushroom evolve into StudioMDS? [01:04:19]
What is Daniel’s favourite failure that planted a seed for later success? [01:10:24]
What are the signs of a burnout? [01:23:44]
Daniel Lim shares the most common misconception of psychotherapy [01:27:34]
How does Daniel’s define the currencies of life? [01:41:37]
How does Daniel define happiness? [01:45:12]
Daniel Lim on following your passion [01:51:51]
What are lessons that need to be unlearnt for one to be happy [01:57:04]
How does Daniel Lim think about designing a retreat for Design Council Singapore? [02:00:19]
What did Daniel after running the retreat? [02:09:50]
What are the mental blocks creative faces when he transits to being an entrepreneur? [02:12:49]
What are the characteristics of people who should not be entrepreneurs? [02:17:46]

Links Mentioned

Connect with Daniel Lim:
Website | Instagram | Litolabs

Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Working with Shenpa (Getting Hooked) in Meditation by Pema Chodron
Kindle Paperwhite (Carousell seller)
Akina Nakamori

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