The 25 Year-Old Kid that Took the AI World by Storm, Annabelle Kwok

Annabelle Kwok, 25 is the founder of NeuralBay, an Artificial Intelligence company that specialises in vision analytics.

She consults for companies on A.I. driven solutions and was previously the founding CEO of SmartCow.

At 20, she travelled alone for 6 weeks in Togo, West Africa. She has witnessed people fainting from malaria, got robbed at knife-point, and balanced buckets of water on her head.

At 22, she met U.S. President Barack Obama under a youth programme representing Singapore.

Annabelle is a black-belt in Taekwondo, a licensed windsurfer, and an avid runner.

In this conversation, we spoke about

  • Why did Annabelle join the 10-day silent retreat, twice
  • Why she decided to run a marathon in North Korea
  • Her experiences travelling alone in Togo, West Africa
  • and much more!

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.



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Show Notes

Annabelle shares her experience of sleep hacking [00:00]
Why did Annabelle decide to go to North Korea? [12:02]
The weirdest thing Annabelle bought on Fiverr [16:46]
Annabelle Kwok shares her holy trifecta of learning [18:36]
How does Annabelle Kwok define success? [31:26]
What made Annabelle decide to travel alone to Togo, Africa [37:39]
Annabelle Kwok on the joy of helping people [54:46]
Why did Annabelle decide to go on a 10-day silent retreat TWICE? [56:59]
Annabelle Kwok on friendship [01:16:59]
Annabelle Kwok shares her favourite failure [01:22:42]
Annabelle Kwok shares stories on her terrible Math’s grades [01:35:16]
Annabelle Kwok on competitiveness in her life [01:40:23]
What is Annabelle afraid of? [01:41:35]
What has Annabelle Kwok got better at saying ‘No’ to? [01:55:57]
What are the new jobs that would emerge in AI? [02:01:07]
How much storage space does “AI” require? [02:16:01]
Annabelle shares resources on how can one learn more about AI? [02:24:02]
Annabelle Kwok on how to building a hardware business [02:26:52]

Links Mentioned

Connect with Annabelle Kwok:
Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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Pyongyang Marathon
The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems by Courtney Martin
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Google Vision API

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