The 34-Year-Old Vodien Internet Millionaire Who Sold Everything Away, Alvin Poh

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Alvin Poh is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Vodien, a cloud hosting company.

Vodien was founded in 2002. It was later acquired by Dreamscape in 2017, and was valued for S$ 30million. Shortly after being a millionaire at 33 years old, he sold most of his belongings (including his Lamborghini) and embraced minimalism.

Alvin holds a masters degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon.

He is now traveling and snowboarding around the world.

In this conversation, we spoke about:

  • Why Alvin sold his Lamborghini and embraced minimalism
  • The evolution of Alvin’s fitness routine
  • How does Alvin apply the 80/20 principle to business

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Show Notes

How did Alvin network during his time at Vodien? [02:48]
When did Alvin know he was an entrepreneur? [24:21]
Alvin shares how his childhood influenced his outlook on materialism [27:08]
What does happiness means to Alvin now? [30:05]
What did Alvin do after exiting Vodien? [44:23]
Why did Alvin decide to drop out of junior college and enrol in a polytechnic? [56:01]
What is one thing Alvin wished he learnt earlier as a leader? [01:05:18]
How does Alvin identify who forms his inner circle? [01:14:15]
What are the pro & cons of SAXO and InteractiveBrokers? [01:17:09]
What is the evolution of Alvin’s fitness routine? [01:20:48]

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