If you’re having trouble “finding yourself” so that you can succeed in the world, it’s not your fault. Because the only authentic version of “who you are” is a few days old, naked and afraid, pooping in your pants.

Authenticity, for me, is doing what you promised, not “being who you are”.

That’s because ‘being’ is too elusive and we are notoriously bad at judging that. Doing, on the other hand, is an act that can be seen by all.

If it acts like a cat, it’s a cat. Doesn’t matter if the cat thinks it’s a dog, it’s still a cat.

You could spend your day wondering if what you say you are is really you. Or you could just act like that all the time.

The question, then, is what do you want to be special about, and who do you want to be special to? How can you keep that promise, again and again?

That’s good enough. Save the identity crisis for later.

(HT Seth Godin)

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