Tips for introducing yourself

If you’ve ever joined an event with strangers that want to connect with you, I hope you’ll find these tips useful:

  1. Introducing yourself is a skill. It comes with scripting, practising, and being awkward (at first).
  2. The question on the test is “So, what do you do?” And the way to ace it is to plan for it.
  3. A good introduction should engage you, draw you in, and leave you wanting more.
  4. A bad introduction is a slogan, a sales attempt or an over-complicated mission statement.
  5. No longer than 10 seconds and 3 sentences. Being thoughtful of someone’s attention is an invisible gift.
  6. A useful Framework: I am a (_____) who helps (____) because (____).
  7. You are not limited to one introduction. Different introductions are helpful different crowds and occasions.
  8. Record yourself saying it. The awkwardness of the camera is just talking a stranger.
  9. Practice until you’re so comfortable that you can send it to a friend for feedback.
  10. Brainstorming is always better with more. Share this article and enrol some friends.

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • I am a momtrepreneur. I help parents communicate with their kids using easy tips I had to learn the hard way.
  • I’m a flexitarian chef. After overcoming all kinds of health problems, I began creating recipes for people to eat for complete wellness.
  • I’m a corporate lady turned coach. My clients are all brilliant but need a little help with motivation- just like I did when I first started.
  • I’m a baker, but for ideas. My goal is to help struggling entrepreneurs cultivate their great ideas.
  • I’m a human behaviour hacker. I help high achievers be more memorable.
  • By day, I run a 2D animation studio. By night, I have a podcast where I interview and learn from Misfits.
  • I connect entrepreneur with other like-minded peers through top-secret events.
  • I’m a developer in a startup that is trying to solve Singapore’s transportation problem.
  • I’m a university student learning how to apply psychology to solve business problems.
  • I manage a co-working space. Think of it like hotels but for offices.

There is only one first time to introduce yourself. And your first impression counts. Give the gift of a delightful introduction.

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