Life is emotion

But what if the…
Clothes you buy
Food you eat
Jobs you take
Money you earn
Freedom that you designed
Games you play
Exercise you do
Habits you change
Cities you visit
People you surround yourself with
Goals you set
Boundaries you draw
Books you read
Meditations you ponder upon
Love you give
Legacies you leave behind
Meaning you assign

It’s all about emotions, long-term sustainable positive emotions. Your emotions.

What if time, options, love, learning, growing, living to your potential is all in support of emotions.

Of course,
Some of them are in conflict (because of colliding desires)
Some of them cause short-term pain (in flavour for long-term happiness)
Some of them you’re running away from (pain or fear or uncertainty)
And others you’re working towards (love, play or flow)

How would you choose what you do differently?

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