Why bother to love

I’m not talking about the emotion that is generated by perfection, or someone who is beautiful or exciting. I’m talking about the emotion that you use on what is flawed and what is imperfect. It is empathy and emotional labour and it will wear you out.

Issn’t a man for himself, why bother?

Because it’s a privilege? Because it’s fuel that keeps you going? Or because it feels good to love someone?

Or maybe just maybe, you want to be loved. To be missed when you’re gone. To be seen and to be understood.

It turns out, the only way to get love is to give love. It’s not something you can buy. No amount of logic, money or power will bring you true, unconditional love. But it’s free to give. Give the kind that wears you out, give it to yourself, give it to others.

On a long enough time scale, the universe will send it back your way.

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