What does it mean to be dating?

Is it the act of interviewing for love or maybe a lifetime museum partner?

For the adventurers, it could mean having a grand time and sometimes that includes sex.

For some, it could be figuring out what makes you tick, learning about yourself and becoming a better partner.

One strategy could be curating a hype profile, going on fun activities and living in the moment.

Another strategy is to go a variety of dates with different people. Reviewing and taking notes. Drawing hypothesis of the characteristics that give or take energy away from you.

The temptation is to want it all. To have a grand adventure and also find the perfect prince. It might happen. But more than not, a grand adventure will leave you wanting the next adventure. You’ll get burned out meeting too many people. The prince never appears because you never ask the question of how he looks like. The kicker, he might right be in front of you.

Maybe it don’t matters what your dating goals are, just that you know what it is. For yourself and the people you date.

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