Post-win depression

When we reach a huge goal, we celebrate and pocket the trophy. The goal becomes a relic.

Onward, to the next level. Until it isn’t so clear anymore.

When we went to the moon, won the Olympics, or sold our company.

The next day, the big high comes with a big low. The lack of direction from the goal.

As we chase the pleasure, we reward ourselves with holidays, new toys and margaritas. Yet, the level of pleasure falls short. The hedonic treadmill sets in and the problem begins.

Adding to confusion and disability to get the same intensity of pleasure, the empty space brings up issues that we’ve been suppressing, as we chase the big goal.

Is it to ride the discomfort that comes from the lack of goals and reset? To re-think the purpose of life? To design a life and an identity you’re proud of? To heal our traumas? Solve another big problem?

The paradox of choice is real.

I imagine being addicted to easy short-term dopamine, losing motivation, and getting stuck to the couch is a downward spiral. The pleasure from sugar, alcohol, video games, social media drugs, screens, books, podcasts, TED talks and porn.

An exploration of the issues at play. No real answers.

[Thank you Alvin for turning me on to Andrew Huberman on Dopamine.]

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