In this experiment, I attempt to find out if I can stop taking arthritis medication, Methotrexate.

Why: I don’t want to be dependent on a medication I don’t need. It’s time saved from travelling to the clinic, mental space saved from remembering to take it, and mental cycles saved from beating myself up when I forgot to take it.

Summary: Stop taking Methotrexate. Stopping didn’t worsen the condition. Most symptoms are predicable and caused by my action.

Experiment log [Oct 21]

1st week September 27, 2021 – October 4, 2021: Right wrist is sore on Wed – Thu. Left and right forearm is sore from Thu to Sat. It’s probably caused by playing Ghost of Tsushima on the PS4 for 3hours.

2nd week October 4, 2021 – October 11, 2021: Wrist is great. No problems at all.

3rd week October 11, 2021 – October 18, 2021: October 12, 2021, Tues Wrist is a little weak. I guess it might be from lying on the side cramping. my hand. Recovered on Sunday October 17, 2021

4th week October 19, 2021 – October 25, 2021: Wrist & joints are perfect without medication.

In this experiment, I attempt to stop over-eating.

Why: After a 20 hour intermittent fast, I’m really hungry, over-order and try to finish everything. This caused me to eat more than needed. Will mediation after meal keep me at the best shape of my life? What is the minimum effective dose?

Summary: Success. Meditated for 3min after a meal stops me from over-eating. I get to keep fit, keep calm and keep my money.

Experiment log [July 21]

First day: Fasted for 24h. I feel energise and hungry. Brought steak. Hang out with friends and chat. Did not mediate. Did not overeat. Success.

2nd day: Feel composed and calm. Ate fish, salad and leek veggies while listening to a podcast. Didn’t finish the fish. Meditate for 2min via the Oura app. Feel it was a bit short. Attended a zoom meeting right after.

Did not overeat. Success.

72.0kg → 71.3kg

3rd day: Ate a big meal of fried Ashton while listening to podcast. feel full before mediation. Did 3 mins mediation in the cafe. Felt sleepy. And don’t want to eat more. Success.

4th day: Eat while listening to podcast. Felt full after. Mediate for 3mins. Feel tired. Doze off a couple of times. Did not eat more.

5th day: Feel hungry before a meal. After meal, feel full but not bloated. Meditate for 3min. Feel my heart racing. Deep breathing during meditation calms me down. Didn’t want to eat more.

6th day: Cheat day. No meditation.

7th day: Feel full before meditation. Mediate for 3mins. Relaxing. Didn’t want to eat more. Success.

8th day: Feel stress. Left office to take a walk to City Square, 20mins. Feel hungry before a meal. Still feel hungry after the meal. Meditate for 3mins. Feel full after. Success.

9th day: Feel hungry when buying food at Farrer park. Almost wanted to buy the fried chicken. Brought a Stuff’d salad instead and chatted with a friend on the way there and back. Feel full after the meal. Meditate for 3 mins. Didn’t want to eat more. Success.

10th day: Feel hungry right before a meal. First meal. So full after the meal. Meditate for 3mins. Didn’t want to eat further. Success.

11th day: Brought food from Sim Lim after meeting Yue Hong. Feel hungry. Ate. Feel full. Meditate for 3mins. Didn’t feel like eating more. Success.

12th day: Mildly full after meal. Meditate for 3mins. Didn’t feel like I need to eat more after. Success.

In this experiment, I attempt to find a way to take breaks from the computer screen by taking smoke breaks. At the same time, looking for ways to reduce the negative effect of smoking.

Why: I wanted a way to break-away from the computer screen without a huge time investment. Options are walking, coffee and water cooler visit. I’m considering that if I’m not addicted to smoking, it could be a good solution with social benefits.

Learnings: Smoke only on cheat day, once a week. If I want to smoke, I will roll my own tobacco instead of taking ready-made cigarettes.

Experiment log [Jun 21]

2 weeks before – I stop smoking for 2 weeks as a control.

Thoughts: [Success.]

1st week – LD light cigarettes. Finished it in 5 days. 4 cigarettes a day.

Throat felt irritated. I do not like the mental effect of the cigarette. My mind is less clear, which results in a drop in productivity. I also find myself turning to cigarettes every time I feel tired or stress.

2nd week – Marlboro Ice Blast to combat throat irritation. Finished it in 5 days. 4 cigarettes a day.

The menthol feels better on the throat. Again, I did not enjoy the mental effect after smoking. I wasn’t as sharp and focused which defeats the purpose of a break. I smoke as a de-stress mechanism, even as a counter to small annoyances.

3rd week – Tried cigar at a whiskey bar. I thought that not inhaling might be a good way to reduce the negative mental impact. That same week, I bump into someone smoking a cigar at my co-working space. He wore a red polo with the collar popped. I knew then, the cigar was a no go because I don’t want to appear a douche.

4th week – Tried rolling tobacco. Bought 25g x2 types of tobacco, rolling paper and filter.

I smoked fewer, 2 sticks a day. My guess is that the effort of rolling acts as a deterrent. It has less mental impact compared to cigarettes. The throat is still irritated.

2 weeks after experiment – I stopped smoking for 2 weeks as a reset. For the first 2 days, I find myself reaching for my rolling cigarettes. Probably from past habits. 4th day onward, the impulse lessened. After the first week, I never thought to smoke.

Summary – For me, smoking is in the same category as sugar. Take it on cheat day if I so wish. And I will only smoke rolling tobacco.

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