The Singaporean Toymaker Who Kickstarted to the Global TED Conference, Michael Sng

Michael Sng is the principal designer of Machination Studio.

He is the creator of the Codename Colossus – a Walking War Machine with 435 individually 3D-printed parts.

Michael is the first Singaporean who spoke on the main stage at the TED Conference (2016) in Vancouver.

He holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design (Advertising) from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (2000).

In this conversation, we spoke about:

  • Tools and skills to design and build a 3D printed & moving toy
  • Hacking Kickstarter to conclude a 442% funded Campaign
  • Michael’s experience preparing for TED
  • and much more!

If you’ve only got 2 minutes, here’s a short video on (The Designer Snobs From Central Saint Martins)



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Show Notes

How does Michael Sng introduce himself to a stranger? [0:01:49]
Michael Sng on his childhood [0:12:48]
What is Michael Sng’s superpower when he was younger? [0:1858]
What are the lessons Michael learnt from his time in design school? [0:24:13]
What is the value of an education at a design school when we can learn design from Youtube?  [0:30:51]
How did Michael get started with building the ultimate toy “Colosuss”? [0:36:47]
What are the software and skills required to design a toy? [0:4956]
Why did Michael decide to go to Comic Con? [01:02:44]
Did Michael achieve what he wanted at Comic Con? [01:05:09]
How did Michael get invited to TED? [01:09:07]
Michael Sng shares his experience preparing for his TED talk [01:11:41]
Michael Sng shares common mistakes people make with their Kickstarter campaigns [01:24:30]
Why did Michael set a low Kickstarter budget? [01:28:46]
What would Michael do differently for his Kickstarter campaign? [01:30:43]
How did Michael’s Kickstarter project get funded within 6 hours of its launch? [01:34:08]
Michael Sng shares the economics behind his Kickstarter campaign [01:39:49]

Links Mentioned

Connect with Michael Sng:
Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Photo Credit: Marla Aufmuth (TED)
Fusion 360
Ultimaker (3D printer)
Wanhao (3D printer)
Comic Con (New York)
Introducing Codename Colossus (Viral Video)
Singapore Toy and Games Comic Convention

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