Compass for Sacrifices

We can argue that law is written by logic. But not really, it’s written by values.

A set of standards written by someone on how we should live our lives as a town, as a city, as a country. A set of priorities that are incentivised and enforced through the laws, grants and fines.

And the foundation of value start with the individual.

What are yours and can you articulate them?

It is the compass for how we want to operate in the world and what is worth sacrificing for. It is the reason behind the law. The logic behind the rules.

We are surprised when someone arrives early and show up day after day without fail. Someone who figures out a way to have a healthy lifestyle while running 3 non-profit companies, as they sit on the board for another two companies. We are shocked when someone uses the early morning to write their articles, one article a day for 10 years straight, even on the weekends and public holidays.

There are a few good books on keeping your values. Fewer still on finding them. It’s hard to think of a more essential thing to learn.


The photo is taken at Portland, Oregon.

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