Building a leveraged story

When I was 23 years old, I decided to be a wedding planner. I entered meetings explaining the detailed process of how I design weddings. The meetings were long.

And one day, my wedding shoot got featured in an international publication. After which, I realised the conversation changes. I was no longer asked about my design process. Couples trusted me to plan the most important day of their life.

So when I started an animation studio, I did something different. I went to the most well-known companies and offered to make their animation at cost. And after enough portfolio, the long-winded meeting got shortened into a sentence.

It became, “I’ve made animations for Scoot, DHL and UOB.”

I took out all the risk. And the story became a free leverage asset. The conversation shifts from ‘can I trust you’ to ‘how can you solve my problem?’

Perhaps, you can leave the story to fate. Or you can work diligently to earn it. If the work is important enough, it might be worth building the story.

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