For passion or for money?

Steve Jobs might have broken a lot of hearts but it not his fault.

The other day, I went for a meeting in a big building. As I approached, the guard opened the door and greeted me. I asked for direction. Then I went up to meet the head of this big company. Now, the guy who is upstairs had a way bigger paycheque than the guard. But he was a little cranky and a bit bitter.

The interactions with the guard were some of the best interactions I’ve had all day. He was positive. He’s open for connecting. He wanted to solve problems. So, the next day, I baked some cookies and handed it to him. He was stunned and surprised.

It turned out that he loves pottery, but pottery is not the only thing he loves. He also loves people, engaging with people, solving problems and bringing kindness. He’s just not selling pottery for a living.

The point is this. Just because your passion doesn’t make you money, it doesn’t mean that you need to sell your soul to the devil. There are many in-between. Find a job that pays the bills. Clock in, do your best and clock out. A tuition teacher, a barista, a nanny or even a guard.

Don’t think that you’re not allowed to pursue your fascination with colours and textures, or your fascinations with music and theatre. You have the time in between the job. Don’t let go of this incredibly fierce self-accountability for you to recognise that you’re in control of all of those things.

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