Where do you find passion?

If Marco Polo were to be brought back to life, he might be out of a job knowing that Google has mapped out the world. It would be impossible to make a living with his passion for exploring and uncovering new continent.

Similarly, the switchboard operator, bowling alley pinsetter and the beloved milkman would be devastated to know that they would be out of a job too.

And what if we go back in time?

Supposedly if we brought our passion for coding, photography and F1 racing to the days of being a cavemen. These passions could not have existed, let alone saving us from the sabertooth tiger.

So, where did passion come from?

My guess is that the reason it’s our passion project isn’t that we were born to do it. It’s just that you thought it was going to work. And your real passion is to do something that works.

It works to afford your rice and beans, the respect from the people you look up to and forward motion in alignment to your utmost potential. And more importantly so, to stretch you in a way that feels like you’re dancing at the edge of failure.

Passion is perhaps a line weaving through of all the things that we want. A solution that works.

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