Tools for pandemic resilience

Panic is a hobby. Hobby in the sense that it doesn’t produce a useful outcome. That is something we can choose to do or not do, based on how we tell ourselves a story. 

As I looked back, I identified some tools that have helped me along the way.

Worst-case planning – let me look into the worst future and imagine it. Once I’ve accepted (death), there are very little things that I need to be panicking about. 

Tim Ferriss’s fear setting exercise allows me to shine a light at the boogie-man. And the boogie-man is only scary because it exists in our heads. Turn on the lights, and it’s gone. 

I do the 5-minute journal every day. It is 4 simple questions that help me plan my day, be happier and get it done. 

I ditch the gym commute and practice The Happy Body every day, 20mins a day. It’s like yoga with weights at the comfort of my room. 

60% Revenue – is a planning exercise to see what you’ll do when your salary or revenue is cut by 60%. It might feel ominous to do it. But it prevents stupid decision when the hair is on fire. And in my experience, having a plan B in place is the best way to be prepared. 

Canned Sardines is a great source of protein and can last for a long time. If you can be happy with that, you’ll be a happy camper. 

Similarly, toilet paper is a luxury. The human has survived as a species without toilet paper for a long time, and I’m sure I can do without. This could be a real skill to live without, back to the basic. 

Organise a zoom lunch. If you’re the organiser, you’ll always have a seat at the table. Bring people together, to have lunch, to work, to play a game together. 

Learn how to get an online side-gig. It could be writing, research, coding, designing or video editing. Pick something you are interested in, start a profile and learn a skill that can make some side income online. 

This pandemic is not new to the human race. We’ve been through the Berlin Blockade, Cuban mission crisis, the Vietnam war, HIV, 9-11 and the 2008 real estate crash. There is no avoiding it. It’s coming. We’ve done this before and we’re going to do it again. Together. 

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