Recreating cohort online

During the pandemic, schools are forced to move online. The top students who were entering their school of choice, many decided to postpone their enrolment. Understandably so. With the rise of good online resources, the value of school has shifted from learning to connection.

Moving school online took out the fun, the water cooler conversation and most importantly, the lifelong connection of a cohort that is travelling to the same destination.

Some ideas of creating collision space as learning moved online:
– Public profile page of students (with interesting prompts)
– Breakout room during class for discussion
– 24/7 study together (quiet) zoom room
– 24/7 water-cooler zoom room
– Each room are staffed to make sure people don’t enter a lonely room

It might not replace the magic of getting ice-cream together, the hope is that the connection would be enough to make things happen in real life.

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