A simple trick to get out of difficult problems

One way to deal with difficult problems is to insist on thinking through, with intense focus, all possible outcomes, investigate each fears, and draw possible connections.

Holding all that in your brain, start brainstorming on novel solutions to solve the multiple downstream problems and upstream causes. This back and forth feels efficient, but it fails to deliver on a few fronts.
1) By the time, you go from problem A to problem D, you forget problem B. Then jump back and forth
2) What might be 6 problems feels like an infinite death spiral
3) The initial anxiety leads to a looming darkness

The alternative is to list it out. Problems, upstream causes and downstream effects. Brainstorm solutions for each problems.

You can rank these ideas by expense, by urgency, by importance. You can estimate on timelines and say, “what do I do now?” An elegant solution might just present itself.

First thing to know, it is 6 problems, not a looming death spiral.

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