How to retain your best employees

Plan for their departure.

  1. You will design a job that people want to get and want to stay (hint: it’s not just about the money).
  2. You will interview for fit instead of rushing to put bodies to work resulting in the right hire.
  3. You will be a better manager as you care about them more than manipulating them to stay.
  4. You appreciate them and their work. And people like working with those who appreciate them.
  5. Happy people make for happy co-workers which makes a happy culture.
  6. You will have a smooth operation instead of an overtime burnout workforce backfilling a missing position.

This is the opposite of a non-complete clause, a future salary bonus, or the hope of a potential promotion. These are fear-based tactics and it works.

No, not for the long run. Not for the best people doing their best work. Not for kind of people who are creative, great to work with and resourceful. They are sought after. These are people who have opportunities already lined up.

Counter-intuitively, for your employee to be with you for the long run, is to plan and celebrate their departure because the ultimate secret weapon is care.

When you get into the mindset of giving it, some of it will come back your way.

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