Preference vs grip

Who were you when you were a teenager and who are you now?

Your name is probably stayed same.

But your habits, your goals and your understanding of yourself might be vastly different.

The other day, my mum came home empty-handed. She commented on the outrageous price of the food stall, double what she was used to paying. Furious, she refused to pay and walk away.

Was the cashier trying to scam her? No. The price was clearly stated on the signboard.

Could she afford it? Yes. More expensive, but by no means, out of her reach.

Was she furious? “It was a daylight robbery.”

Did my dinner arrive? No. She offered to cook but I decided it was easier to eat around the corner.

If we are lucky enough to afford more than rice and beans, money is a story. How much it is and how much we are willing to pay.

It is the difference between having a preference and having your preference grip you.

We can insist on how we want the world to be, how other people (or the food stall) to show up, or we can work to be flexible. Hence, resilient and anti-fragile.

It’s easy to figure out who is a happier person.

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