Trust Wager

It’s pretty silly to micro-manage people you choose to help you.

1) It takes a lot of your time which defeats the point of hiring.

2) It interrupts workflow and business operation.

3) The best people get demotivated and go away. Back to point 1.

Perhaps at some point, you were let down by someone. And in order to prevent future hurt, you decided not to trust until someone has themselves proven worthy.

But as Bill Laizer points out to Jim Collins, the other bet is to assume that someone is trustworthy until proven wrong. Yes, you would be let down at times. So protect your downside. And the upside is that when you find someone who is trustworthy, they will rise to it.

Even more so, have you also considered the possibility that, because you trust them on the outset, they are more likely to become trustworthy?

There are two approaches to relationships in life, (1) take life as a series of transactions, or (2) take life as building relationships. And the cornerstone of relationships is trust.

What is your trust wager?

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