The cost of living with trauma

A secret hidden from everyone is that our loved ones, friends and family have experienced trauma in the journey of their life.

We hide these experiences to ourselves because we think that we are the weird ones and our friend just wants to get through a pleasant dinner.

Although the latter might be true, not dealing with these traumatic experiences can result in a sub-optimal life.

We enter new relationships carrying the baggage of past experiences. At times, the past can be beneficial to gain self-awareness, helping us communicate better with a posture of generosity. But at other times, it is contained inside us in the form of a charged emotional field. Ready to leash out when we spot similar patterns from our past.

This disconnects us from the present reality and diverts our mind. We expand effort to repress and suppress these activated charges so as not to look crazy to others.

In our culture of immediacy, we run away from traumas through coping mechanisms. It works, for a certain time, to a certain point.

Solutions are out there. The healing begins with a choice.

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