Lesson from “Good Advice” failure

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Last year, feels like a great year. A turn of events and everything came crashing.

There’s a meaningful project that I’m working towards.

I feel more connected to myself. Being more open and sensitive.

Along with that, I made a commitment to improve my family relationship.

Then late Dec, my grandma passed away. I flew back, took a break and felt misaligned since.

General lesson

  • It sucks right now, and you need to rest.
  • Rest till I reach cold boredom (feeling great without needing to achieve anything).
  • Diagnose issue before solving.
  • Face up to the brutal fact and emotions.
  • Release emotions from the body, and come back to see if there are lesson to learn.
  • Meditate and back to the body.
  • Separate what’s in my control vs not.
  • Accept what’s not in my control.
  • Call friends and ask for help. You are not alone.
  • Feeling alive comes from feeling great in peace.

Storytelling (NPR-style) is hard

I underestimated the level of effort needed to create NPR-style content. I was enamored with Start Up and Millennium podcasts. As one of my story producers grew busier, I was left with expectations that my resource could not meet.

  • Find another story producer.
  • Find an easier content format that can hit the same goal.

Content > learning

As I ceased the content production, I lost motivation to study coaching. Initially, I thought it was due to the funeral. Or maybe the coaching takes too much out of me. Finally, I think it’s because I enjoy creation more than learning. Learning was support for creation.

  • Diagnose the issue before finding solution.
  • Find a coach to help me unpack.

Doing too much

Learning + creating + working + traveling = intense.

As I travelled from UK to France, there was the language barrier to contend with + weekly traveling + winter, add layers of difficulty and caused decision fatigue.

On top of learning about coaching, I was also learning about story-telling. I generally enjoy learning, but there’s a point of “too-much.”

  • Travel slower. A city a month.
  • Find another story producer.
  • Pause.

Grief well

After coming back to Singapore, I had 2 weeks break from the podcast and coaching. Not realizing I was running on the past week’s momentum.

I had a cognitive expectation of doing and achieving. I did not adjust my expectation, then I grew anxious when I did not do those expectations.

  • Journal to unpack.
  • Rest till rested. From hot boredom to cold boredom.
  • Allocate a “no schedules plan” for 2 weeks, till cold boredom.
  • 15min of awareness meditation daily.

Failing sucks. I hope I will look back at this article when I face another failure.

And I hope there’ll be more failures.

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