Owner and Barman of Spiffy Dapper, George Cherian Abhishek


“Even if it’s not your fault, f* take responsibility, own the problem, solve the problem…” – George Cherian Abhishek.

George Cherian Abhishek is the owner of the WORST bar in Singapore, Spiffy Dapper. But make no mistake, it is the worst bar that is PROFITABLE. George came from India to Singapore at the age of 16. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Polytechnic. In the twist and turn of events, he ended up homeless, sleeping in the playground of Bishan.

If you have 5 minutes, check out George’s 10 Lessons at 29.

If you have only got 2 mins to spare, check out a short snippet of George’s interview.




Show Notes
Kerala, India [3:59]
Growing up in Kerala, India [8:28]
Studying in Singapore [9:55]
How did George became homeless [11:26]
George almost got into jail [17:02]
How did George got out of the funk [23:45]
The book that change George life [27:30]
On taking advice [30:20]
Why George choose to live in Singapore [32:09]
George built a co-working space [39:48]
The evolution of Spiffy Dapper [47:20]
People owned business, Dapper coffee [49:40]
Advice on starting any F&B business [56:28]

Connect with George Cherian Abhishek
LinkedIn | Spiffy Dapper

Kerala, India
Getting Things Done by David Allen
Author, Jack London

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