Dreams and Reality

I had an idea to live and work in a van.

I imagined all the nature that I would enjoy.

I gave my wedding studio away and spent the year building Sage Animation so that I could work from anywhere in the world.

In Oct, I flew to Las Vegas and bought a cargo van. I spent the next month building my own travelling home.

Randy lent me his tools. I found Nick and Alisa, who had just finished converting their van and they gave me great advice.

Every day, I would tell myself: “I can’t wait to finish this and finally be able to live my dreams.”

Finally, after a month, I drove out of Nevada and the adventures began.

I slept over at 24 Hours Fitness and went to the gym in the morning.

After, I would go to Starbucks and start working. After 2 hours, I was done working. I surfed the web, read inspiring articles and listened to podcasts.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Days passed. I felt depressed.

I never made it to the beach. I never felt compelled to visit nature.

So, I stayed with some old friends up in Oakland. I felt better.

I realised that I enjoy hanging with people and the van does not facilitate that.

Some people think that getting that new job will make them happy. But when they finally get it, they feel miserable. They don’t want to let it go because of the efforts they spent getting it.

We often forget why did we want it in the first place. Was it because it might make us feel good?

And this isn’t just about a new job. It could be a relationship, your new phone, a new hobby, certain clothes, places we live at.

It’s important to review our achieved dreams with our emotional state. We have a vision that we want to re-create. They’re hard to untangle from the result we really want. They become useless, and reasons to move on.

Do you have any old goals that weren’t as exciting as you thought it would be?

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