Can We Believe Science?

Science is just about the coolest thing that happened to us.

Not because it’s always right. Hardly. It wasn’t that long ago that we believed that the sun revolved around the earth, eating a lot of bread is good, and doctors don’t wash their hands before surgery. So, probably half of what we know today might be false.

It’s not surprising that people are skeptical.

Except that is not what science is. Science is not about getting a whole bunch of people to agree on something, that’s politics/marketing.

Science is a process. It’s not pretending it has the right answer, it’s merely the best process to get us closer to the right answer.

Someone makes a scientific claim. The claim makes predictions that are meaningful, novel and falsifiable. You and I need to be able to replicate and verify the claim independently. And counter experiment, that may prove the claims to be false, need to be able to run in the real world.

Then, round and round it goes.

You’re not allowed to have some magical equation just because you are in charge. You’re not allowed to change the explanation of what has just happened. You must begin again, from first principal, make a new argument, show new observations, and make a better prediction.

Science isn’t something to believe or not to believe. It’s a process. It’s something to do.

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