In the spirit of enough

Too many times, one of the biggest source of unhappiness (that I have witnessed) derives from a lack of enough. More, more, and more. And we chase it. Unknowingly walking into a trap.

It is the kid in the candy store that wants a bigger bag.

It is the influencer that wants more likes and followers.

It is the chef that wants to open another restaurant.

It is the entrepreneur that wants to scale up.

It is the pick-up artist that wants to have more casual sex.

Too often, before the endeavour, we don’t ask the hard question of ‘what is enough (for me) and why?’ We get swept up by someone else’s standards to keep doing what it is we are doing. But this time, it has to be bigger, better, and faster.

It is the kid that didn’t realise that too much candy makes him sick.

It is the influencer that didn’t realise that there is never enough likes to be famous.

It is the chef that forgot that the joy is in the sparkle someone’s eye eating your food. And no, you can’t be at 2 restaurants at the same time.

It is the entrepreneur that forgot that a $10k salary is beyond her wildest dreams when she got started.

It is the pick-up artist that did not realise that physical pleasure is a biological hardwire. There is never enough sex.

It is to be clear of why you do (what you do). It is to ask the hard question upfront.

What is enough for me? And why?

Because once we have enough, we have plenty. Instead of the unhappiness of not enough, we can thankful for too much. And then instead of taking, we can be giving.

And maybe just maybe, we can live in a world where we have a surplus of care and generosity.

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