A different way of getting groceries

Imagine a market with local seasonal produces. Organically grown or raised without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics or GMOs.

Imagine getting to know the people that make and grow your food. Their process, their promise and what they stand for.

Imagine a company ran by people that care about the betterment of your eating first, profits second.

Imagine earth-friendly practices and packaging. Simple and clear labels. A sustainability report done every other year.

Imagine paying for the same groceries with the regular price, what you’re already paying today.

Start with 10 paying customers with 3 months of subscriptions and commitment.
Start with 10 types of produce (preferably the most profitable, delightful and delicious ones).
Then, aim for 10 delighted customers telling 10 of their friend.
This is how you build a new future.

It’s possible. We are waiting for someone to get started, and it might be you.

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