Helping someone out of distress

Here’s a useful tactic:

1) Empathise “God, sounds like you’re freaking out about your dad. And he’s not staying in quarantine. I imagine you’re really scared. Is that right? Is that what’s going on?”

2) Validate. “That makes perfect sense.” “I get you.” “It’s so frustrating when the people we love don’t listen to you. I get it, I really do. You’re frustrated and scared. Is that it?”

3) Support “Is there any support you want?” “Do you think it would help if we sit together for a while and breath?”

By naming the emotions at hand, it allow the other to get attention to it and externalise the emotion. And they get to feel that someone is feeling with them.

They learn that the emotions they are feeling are perfectly normal and that someone understands them.

Lastly, it’s to empower the individual to find a solution that is best for them. And you can be there to support.

Empathise, validate, support.

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